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lymphoedema surgery

Lymphoedema is the accumulation of protein rich fluid in soft tissues due to the failure of the lymphatic system. The fluid causes a limb to swell resulting in discomfort, skin thickening and pigment changes, ulcers, poor wound healing and infection. The causes of lymphoedema are varied but we most commonly see it secondary to surgical trauma. Up to 40% of breast cancer patients following axillary lymph node clearance will develop lymphoedema. Traditionally, lymphoedema surgery has not been successful in curing this condition and the mainstay of treatment includes patient education, skin care, massage and compression garments. However new techniques on lymphoedema surgery have been developed, which although in their infancy, are offering exciting improvements in the management of these conditions. Dr Clarke while working overseas learnt these new lymphoedema surgery techiques which include lymph-venous anastomosis which helps to bypass blocked or damaged lymph channels, and vascularised lymph node transfer which restores the lymph nodes removed during surgery to recreate the lymphatic drainage pathways. Dr. Fred Clarke can offer these pioneering lymphoedema surgery procedures to his patients.

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