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face and neck lift

Gravity, time and exposure to sun can cause skin to lose its elasticity and the natural plumpness of our face to slacken. These changes are part of the normal process of aging but can vary significantly between individuals due to genetics and lifestyle factors. The youth and rejuvenation created by a face or neck lift is often said to give people the opportunity to look the age that they feel.

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eyelid lift

The eyelids are both hugely susceptible to the effects of aging and also have an enormous effect in overall facial appearance. Genetic predisposition and lifestyle factors can lead to a progressive hooding of upper lids, sometimes so marked that vision can be obscured, and bagging of lower lids.

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brow lift

The effects of aging, gravity and sun exposure may result in the eyebrows descending down. 

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Ear surgery (otoplasty) is a common surgical procedure to address prominent or bat ears. It is a procedure most commonly performed on children but also on adults to achieve a neater fit of the ears. 

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facial reshaping

As we age our faces lose volume in particular after significant weight loss. Replacing that youthful volume is a simple way to rejuvenate a face with very minimal intervention.

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