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Liposuction or liposculpture is a minimally invasive surgical procedure to remove unwanted, localised fat deposits from specific areas of the body. Many people have a genetic predisposition to deposit fat in one particular area of the body, such as the outer thighs and hips. Other common areas include the neck, arms, abdomen, inner thighs and upper back.

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A tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is a cosmetic surgery technique to address the problems of excessive loose abdominal skin and/or bulging of the abdominal wall due to muscle weakness or separation. These issues are often due to changes following pregnancy but they may also occur after weight loss or simply with ageing. The outcome of a tummy tuck is a flatter, firmer abdomen with an improved contour and greater abdominal strength.

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arm lifts and thigh lifts

Arm Lifts (Brachioplasty) and Thigh Lifts 

The goals of arm and thigh lifts are to remove excess skin and fat and achieve a smoother, slimmer and more toned appearance to the upper arms and thighs.

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body lift

A body lift is body contouring operation which removes loose skin folds and soft tissue from the hips, buttocks, outer thighs and lower abdomen particularly as a result of extreme weight loss often after gastric banding or gastric bypass surgery. A body lift removes the redundant skin, persistent fat deposits and generally lifts the tissues to restore the body contour.

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